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Rescueboats and fast rescueboats

The International Convention for the safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) of 1914 dictates that every ship needs to carry rescue boats. Since then the development of rescue vessels has seen a tremendous innovative growth. New developments in boat design and materials helped to improve speed and durability.

The rigid Fast Rescue Boats (FRB’s) are primarily used for SAR/MOB operations, because of their fast response time and big capacity. They can also be used for crew transfer, inspections, patrols and so on. Because of their deep V-shaped hulls they have excellent performance on sea, also at high speeds.

The Fast Rescue Boats produced by Euro Offshore comply with the latest SOLAS requirements and LSA code. We produce FRB’s with a capacity from 8 to 16 persons and with top speeds from 22 knots to 30 knots.


EO rescueboats

Open rigid rescueboats designed for offshore operations.

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EO fast rescueboats

Fast rescueboats primarily designed for SAR / MOB operations.

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EO RIB and custom FRB’s

RIB and custom fast rescueboats designed and build to meet your requirements.

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